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Let’s learn to be Competitive in a Stylish way…

The outside is a complicated world. The children constantly fight each other and expect to do their best and 100% at all times. Children are often competitive, and they must be, because it motivates the children to do some hard-work in their lives. But only as long as the competition is healthy. Although maintaining this competitive spirit is important, you also need to tell them where to draw the line. By letting your not-so little ones, getting associated with Orphicy, that’s one worry less for you. Why? Because we teach our students to be competitive, but in “stylish” i,e. “healthy” way!  By healthy/positive competition we mean to say is, the students learn new skills, techniques and improve themselves for themselves; and not to outdo other fellow mate.

Healthy/Positive competition creates self-discipline and ethics in students. Healthy/Positive competition create a healthy self-image with them; it will push the students to measure themselves with others in a positive manner and help them to deal with problems and failures. Students get acquainted with concepts like teamwork and positive participation.

Here’s what we do to cultivate healthy/positive competition in children.


It’s Okay to Lose!

More often than usual, children are always told that when they participate in competitions or even take tests, they should come first. That is the wrong approach. Bagging first position and winning shouldn’t be the only goal. One needs to make the trip well. This is what we teach our children at Orphicy. Children need to understand that just as victory is great, so is failure. It’s about what you learned while participating in the competition, not what you ultimately won. In this way, they will form the right attitude to any competition… even just to life. They will understand from the beginning that not all situations are in their favor.



Often a common error that parents and teachers generally make is to constantly compare their children. ‘XYZ child is doing so good at Mathmatics’ or ‘ABC is so much fitter than you’; these lines must’ve been said loosely and with an intention to motivate the child with reverse psychology, but a lot of times these kind of statements might give a child self-esteem issues. Constant comparisons can lead to the dominant or inferiority complex among children, and definitely unhealthy. Here, at Orphicy, we believe that every student is absolutely incomparable. Every child is unique and has immense hidden or not so well-groomed talent or skills.

We analyze, we capture and we nurture the student.



Learning from your Failure


As we have mentioned earlier, it’s always the journey. As parents and as teachers, we must let our children learn all this while, even if they eventually fail, they still learn a valuable lesson. At Orphicy, we encourage our students to always review and reflect on what they did wrong so that they can take steps to correct the mistakes and not repeat the same in the future. We believe whether it’s a school competition or a fun game with family and friends, there is something worth learning everywhere.


Surrender the ME for the WE

Orphicy promotes, that a child will surely learn a lot about life and especially about themselves through TEAMWORK. Here we push our student to participate in activities together. Why? Because in this way they will learn to adapt to new people, environments and situations, and they will learn to control the temperament of themselves and others. When they complete a project or participate in a competition together as a team, they have space to show their personal strengths and personalities, and they learn to hide the weaknesses of others. This will help them absorb a healthy team spirit from a very young age.


Children, when babies have a #nevergiveup attitude. They don’t stop trying until they learn to stand up without any support or walk with no help. But whilst growing up, they leave their #nevergiveup attitude somewhere behind. Here at Orphicy, we find that #nevergiveup attitude from with the child and make them relearn it with a new twist to the long-lost attitude, to give 100%! We make them understand that regardless of the results, the satisfaction of the attempts and giving their all is not incomparable. This way they learn that whether they won or lost, they knew they gave their best shot.

Any parent will always encourage their children to have an active perspective towards life and try to strengthen the previous points. If you’re looking for someone to make that task a cakewalk for you and your child, join hands with Orphicy. We practice what we preach. Check out our official site……

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