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Free Orphicy Scholarships Aptitude Test (OSAT) helps you get a shot at the coveted Orphicy scholarships simultaneously assessing your Aptitude performance amongst the kids across the country.

Why Take Orphicy Test

Aptitude tests are usually a gateway to great institutions.

An early exposure to such tests can help students assess their ability and take the necessary course of action.

Here are some key reasons.

Aptitude Exposure

An experience of Olympiad like time bound yet challenging test designed by experts

Merit Scholarships

Opportunity to avail merit based scholarships worth Rs 200000 on Orphicy Courses

Bench Marking

A bench mark comparison of your marks versus the marks of students nationally

One to One Career Counselling

OSAT takers are qualified for a free career counselling with Orphicy expert Counsellors

Earn an E Certificate

Earn E certificate that adds credibility, rigour to your aptitude test taking skills

Test Paper Analysis

Get an immediate test analysis and answer sheet to cross check your attempts

About OSAT

OSAT tests you in 4 popular areas found in most aptitude tests across the globe.

Go through this important information and you are good to go

Rules and Regulations

60 Questions in the MCQ format are to be answered in 60 minutes. No negative marking. 20 questions in Numerical Ability & Logical Reasoning while 10 Questions in Language Skills & GK respectively.

Exam Structure

OSAT tests you in areas that involve conceptual understanding in all the subjects. Being structural at your thoughts will do the trick. NCERT scope will be followed at class levels.


Quick tip

A quick tip to all the warriors before entering into the battlefield. Not every problem is to be solved and not every question is to be attempted. Smart work will win

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