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The Language of Elite…English!



Speaking English can really expand your world, from job opportunities to the ability to connect with people from all countries. Knowing the language, each trip is much more interesting. Wherever one wants to go in the world, we can always find someone who speaks English. If we count only the countries where English is the official language, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the Caribbean countries, there are more than 400 million people who speak English as their mother tongue. In simpler words, we must admit that English is an international language and the primary language of this planet. The statistics reveal that more than a quarter of the world’s population speaks English that means that about 1.6 billion people understand and relate with the help of the language of Shakespeare. To not mention that most of the films are in English, the second largest film industry, Hollywood, is produced in English. Good English is not only elegant, but it is also a possibility to continue studying and professionalizing in the best universities in the world, which are actually in English-speaking countries. We, at Orphicy, believe, educational improvement is very important, but learning English can also improve the quality of life. The benefits of one’s knowledge of English to life are numerous. It is important to understand that English can break many barriers, including cultural barriers.

Learning, for us, is an opportunity to use what one has learned, and, broaden the horizons and improve the best version of oneself. Learning, helps a student discover their hidden talents and helps them to overcome the fear and obstacles. They learn the fact that the more they know, the more I they are capable of accomplishing what they want, without fear of others’ judgment. Learning is life, and life is learning



Life offers various challenges and we cannot let fear stop us from learning. Often, students get frustrated of not finding the correct words when trying to have a conversation in English and fails to express oneself.

The lack of knowledge of the English language, and not being fluent, might always keep our little masters back from participating, and from applying for courses. This might cause very low self-esteem in students. But, here at Orphicy, we make sure that our students are way past from all these issues.

We focus on 21st Century Skills, and English is a very significant part of it!

At Orphicy, we have Communication “FLUENCY” Programme to inculcate English Speaking. At FLUENCY, we shape our students for life and for the contemporary and fierce outside world!

Under the guidance of Experts

We have only best to offer to blooming buds. We provide English Communication Skills with a vantage of the industry and shape our students for the corporate.

Incorporates Role Plays and Thought Structuring

We marginalize our students to be as creative as they could be, and make mistakes while trying their best. Through this, the students get a great platform to practice what they’ve learned, and to think with a broad horizon. We believe, if one can think in English, one can be Fluent in English.

Story Weaving and Improve Critical Thinking


Orphicy provides a stage for creativity as well!We carve a storyteller and a creative thinker in them. With Story Weaving, the student will master the art of thinking, writing and listening as well! All of these skills are exceptionally important for the English speaking.

Research, Interview and GD Skills

As we have mentioned it earlier, we shape our students for life as well as for the “world”. We give them a reality check and prepare them for the best and worst scenarios in corporate.

And there’s a lot more we have to offer at Orphicy for your child! For more details, check out our official site….

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